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well im so unhappy right now. I guess I need somebody to come and wipe it away. My dad left again. Well are stuck with the bills and Im working to make sure we get by. I just feel like any second Im going to break and thats going to be it. And it feels like no one cares and the people I think they care don't call and want to talk. I guess its my pride cause I put on this everything is ok front. I haven't told anybody that my dad left cause I dont want them to feel sorry for me. I just don't know Im so comfused. What do I do?
Well hey Im here again, lot of stuff has been going on. Well for one Reba is going off which is not good. Also my Pastor is retiring. I also joined the art club and we had to do a crab feed last night there was a lot of people there. Some were really nice and some were not so nice. My pastor was also there.

Well i have to go and get batteries for my mp3 cause all mine are dead. I also have to go to choir practice at 4:30 today. I guess nothing has change just for a little but not much.

well see ya later.
hey im back and i have a lot of things to talk about. like what ive been doing. well i got the reba season which i need to get the other seasons. i also got a hamster and a gecko. i had to get rid of one of my hamsters cause they werent getting along then i found out that the one i got rid of was pregnant.

i guess my resolution is stay healthy.

Nov. 15th, 2006

Well today is goin ok since yesterday stupid person made me fall in front of everyone. But Monday i think was the worst just for the simple fact everything and anything was going wrong. but it kinda of brighten up. but i got my thing done and i need to do the other one. i cant wait till we go on the trip but i need to get paid first. cause i need to buy me and codi breakfast and dinner on the way there and home. i know i need alot cause i want to make sure codi has food and stuff. well i guess only 3 more periods to go.

Nov. 3rd, 2006

Well I havent been here cause it has been a busy time for me. Im also turning 16 tomorrow I have to go get a job application from tea garden. I want to get a job before I go get my drivers license cause the insurance goes up. But I think it would be cool to have a real job.

But im also getting a turtle. I cant wait to the turtle cause I wont have to pay for it. I also wanted a hamster but I dont think im going to get that. well nothin to say but gotta go

Oct. 18th, 2006

Well this week has been wild. It has been crazy. But I m still alive and kickin. I got some of my friends to sign a petition about kfc. some were happy to sign and others were like im not going to do it. some were even interested in it and wanting to go vegetarian.

I get to walk my dog again. I havent cause i didnt have time to do anything. But im starting to make time for her. She loves going for walks and running around. Im going to take her to the store one day. well i havent been to anything and i have been getting into trouble.

Oct. 9th, 2006

Well today is going to be bad cause i already coulnt find my purse and when i got to school i then knew i had forgotten my book at home. then i found out that i did the wrong then on the homework. but yesterday was really good. but the church smelled really bad and there was no choir. but i started smoking again but i havent smoked since then. but ill have to write more later out of time.

Oct. 6th, 2006

well today is going actually great. but its not the best just cause i didnt bring my food like i was suppose to. now im probably gunna starve now just kinding. but i dont get to get the lizards cause she said they are going to take them with them but i really wanted them. well talk later.
Well today and this week may be the hardest cause i dont think its goin to work out the way i thought i was planning to go. but everything is goin as plan right now. But our church is not doing well cause no one wants to really sing in the choir and they dont get into the music. but sometimes they play slow songs and it get annoying cause i like the fast songs. But I dont like goin into the youth room for the simple fact that im always getting told to be quiet and im not even talking. so i guess i'll be goin into a different room.

well i didnt do my geometry homework so im goin to have to cheat and get the answers when she says them. i dont care i just need to keep my grades up and my homework in. but nothin has changed in my life so far, so see ya.

Sep. 20th, 2006

Well today is a confusing day cause at first I couldnt find Jordan and I looked like an idiot walking around trying to get into a group. But I found him and now I dont feel as lost. But I remember I was totally lost when Jake wouldnt come or she was somewhere else I would get really lost. But today is goin ok but not fast enough.

But I didnt go walking last night so I feel really tired. I just feel like I dont have enough time to sleep so im really tired at school sometimes. I hate it in the morning cause I keep setting my alarm evertime i get up.

But nothing is going to happen this week. tonight is church and im setting in the big church cause im tired of everyone saying that im a disruption. But they wont have to worry cause I wont be in there. But I get paid today and Molly gets some canned dog food. she is so lucky she gets whatever she wants. I also have to buy my bird some food

well got to go bye.


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